Getting the most out of your fyiio trial

Creating tutorials can feel overwhelming to the point you don't know where to start. Let's change that.

Getting the most out of your fyiio trial

Pick your "top three"

A great starting point is to build a shortlist of the tutorials needed right now and/or can provide the most help. Some great brainstorming questions include:

What could this content automate?

  • Manual onboarding processes
  • Addressing frequently asked questions

Where do people drop off from our platform/service/process?

  • Use platform usage data to inform these decisions, if available.

What has a relatively steep learning curve?

  • Psst! It's OK to admit your product isn't the most user-friendly thing on the planet. Heck, we're a tutorial platform creating tutorials on how to make tutorials!

What would you need to explain to your grandma?

  • This mindset helps put you in the position to help the most people possible, regardless of someone's familiarity with industries or technologies.

Create your written tutorial

The video creation process will be so much easier if you build the written tutorial first. It'll help organize your thoughts into clear, but detailed, step-by-step instructions. It serves as the guide but should never act as the script for your video tutorial.

When building your written tutorial, consider using fyiio's "intro step" feature. Titling the first step in the written tutorial "intro" or "introduction" fyiio will not assign a step number. Use this to present information to a viewer before they get into the tutorial, such as a parts list, download links, prerequisites, etc.

Add your video

When crafting your video tutorial, keep in mind the main advantage of the medium is to visualize, not to be hyper-detailed. Your video should be short, sweet, and to the point. With fyiio, you have the flexibility to cross-reference material across the video and written tutorial. If you need to go into more detail on something, call out in the video that more information is available in the written tutorial — definitions, links to more info, etc.

Place your newly-minted tutorial

One of the primary advantages of fyiio is how versatile the tutorial player is. Tutorials are capable of being placed on your website (Ex. WordPress), existing knowledge base (Ex. Zendesk), in-app, as well as on physical products.

There are three primary ways to share tutorials on fyiio:

  1. Copy URL
  2. Copy embed code
  3. [Early access] Utilize the fyiio knowledge base

Click the more button (the one with three vertical dots) to the right of a tutorial in the dashboard. There you can select to copy the tutorial URL or the embed code.

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Happy crafting!

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