Quick start guide

Welcome to fyiio! This guide will provide a quick overview of the platform and additional resources to get you started.

Quick start guide

Tutorial Template

fyiio is designed to produce an interactive tutorial containing both a short video and written step-by-step instructions. This allows folks to quickly learn how to do a task in the style they learn best in. It also enables you to take full advantage of the independent strengths of video and written instruction.

Once you create your written guide and upload a video, the template will guide you in pairing the two together using our Sync Bar. This is what makes the tutorial interactive once it's published.

One of the main benefits is you can come back to the Template to replace a video with a new version and update the written guide as needed. No matter where the tutorial is places, it will always display the most up-to-date version so folks never see outdated content again.

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Tutorial Player

Our Tutorial Player enables the four main learning styles in one location: auditory, visual, reading, and kinesthetic.

Clicking on a step to jumps the video to where that step starts while also expanding the written step to display more information.

The Player automatically adjusts itself based on the device and it's screen size, as well as the device it's viewed on. It will also detect the viewer's preferred language and automatically translate itself in one of over 70 different languages without you having to do any extra work.

Placing tutorials

Our player can be placed almost anywhere using an iframe code, similar to embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos. If a service supports iframe embeds, fyiio should integrate with it.

Embedding tutorials

Once published, tutorials can be placed in locations like Zendesk, WordPress, Confluence, TalentLMS, and others.

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Knowledge Base

A central location, on your domain, for all tutorials, quizzes, and more created on fyiio.

- Organize tutorials into categories
- Individual branded tutorial pages
- Customization
(and more!)

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Adding users

You can add additional content managers to your account by clicking the "Users" icon in the sidebar found on the Dashboard.

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Want us to make your tutorials?

Our Studio team is standing by to build a deep understanding of how your product works and the needs for onboarding, training, and support content.

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fyiio plans are based on the number of tutorials you create and/or the number of content managers you have — people creating, updating, sharing tutorials.

Plans start as low as $99/mo.

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Tutorials are contextually placed within the platform. Simply look for the ? symbol at the top.

View our knowledge base.

Email us if you run into any issues or bugs, or have a feature request: support@fyi.io


We really appreciate you trying out fyiio. We sincerely believe it will help you empower people to do great things.

We hope it provides you the joy and happiness it has brought us in building it.

- Alex and Dan

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